VRLA Battery Manufacturer in China

VRLA batteries are also identified as sealed batteries and maintenance free batteries. As the leading VRLA battery manufacturer, we make sure that our batteries are truly maintenance free. The supreme quality distinguishes our product from the others available in the market. Apart from functional testing and regular cleaning, there are no maintenance routines required for these batteries. These batteries are suitable to be mounted in any orientation due to the gel cell and AGM types they have


The batteries we are providing are highly efficient and smooth working. They are highly stable, safe to use, and are incredibly durable. The primary purpose of a VRLA battery supplier is to design batteries that can save fuel and are eco-friendly. With current environmental issues, it is very important to switch towards the more sustainable options for the betterment.

Our batteries can resist corrosion and lasts for more extended hours than the other batteries. They also offer a low discharge rate and higher current efficiency. The higher power efficiency makes them suitable for significant applications like telecom towers, and solar inverters. These are the perfect solution for various battery-related problems, and we are the best VRLA battery manufacturer and solution provider.

UPS Battery China

As the leading UPS battery China, we make sure before delivering that each battery is designed precisely using only the highly advanced technologies. The quality and proficiency of our batteries are unmatched, and there will be no complaints regarding the functionality. If you aim to find the excellent quality UPS battery is offering cost-effectively, then JYC Batteries should be the priority. We have the top-notch batteries at the prices no one can match which makes JYC the natural choice for smart minds. Put your trust in our products and be tension free as it will prove to be a long-term investment without any stress.

The best UPS battery China has to offer is manufactured by JYC, and we are proud to claim that. Our competitors are left way behind us due to the amazing combo of superb quality and budget-friendly rates we are offering. No one is able to contest our supremacy in the market. We have the best team as every member of the team is loyal to his work. We don’t take our work as the routine job instead every day we take up it as a challenge and strive hard to prove ourselves. We put in our maximum efforts each day to maintain our position in the industry.

JYC Battery Manufacturer Co., Ltd

We persist in battery technical reform, upgrading equipment and assembly line, pay high attention on talents and improve staffsqualification, strengthen on quality control. With the partnership with famous universities, JYC established the professional Battery R&D Center and input at least USD 0.8 million in our R&D team per year. Through 18 years of development, JYC has grown to be a new prominent in battery R&D in China.

JYC is ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certificated factory, and obtained UL, CE, Rohs, IEC, TLC, Soncap, etc Certificates. Assessed as "Top 10 battery products" by China battery testing center and was named China outstanding technology enterprises honor.

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We have noticed that recently some companies or individuals sell AGM or GEL batteries under JYC name, and the batteries may not from JYC factory, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Most seriously, those unqualified batteries might largely affect the reputation of JYC battery and buyers’.Please note: the only official website of JYC Battery Manufacture Co., Ltd., are www.jycbatteries.com or www.jycbattery.cn. And all of official emails from JYC are end up with @jycbatteries.com OR @jycbattery.cn, all other emails address are all fake email address.Any transactions via other email addresses or other contact ways, which are never recognized by JYC Battery, and JYC is not responsible for any lost related to it.If you have received the information from non-JYC official emails or already worked with them on AGM or GEL or other kinds of battery with brand of JYC, please kindly inform us. We will contact with law enforcement agencies for any commercial infringements. And most importantly, make sure your interests and reputation won’t be damaged in the future.Thanks very much for your understanding and cooperation. All rights reserved by JYC Battery Manufacture Co., Ltd.