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September 28, 2020
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When Going Solar Use These Four Types of Batteries

When you already have a solar power system then you have to have a battery bank for power storage. Choosing the correct battery setup from any normal or lead acid batteries supplier can be expensive and complicated. Therefore, below are some information that you should know.

Basically, there are four types of batteries you can use for solar power storage.

1. Flooded Type Batteries

This is a lead-acid type battery. While this is a good type of battery it needs to be stored outside of your home because of the gases emitted and can be dangerous in your home. This battery type is economical and can last for years subject to proper maintenance. Some popular brands of this sort of battery are Surrette, Trojan, and Deka. Make sure the batteries are ventilated when enclosed.

2. Recreational Vehicle, Marine and Golf Cart Batteries 

While the RV battery is a deep cycle type it is not recommended for solar usage because its capacity is too small for continuous charging so it wouldn’t last very long. The golf cart battery is a fair choice if you have a small system as it will hold a charge longer.

3. Gel Type

This type is mostly offered by gel battery supplier in china and has no vents. Also, it will not emit gas so it would be safe to use indoors. Being able to use it inside where the temperature is at a constant is definitely a plus because it helps the battery perform better and last longer.

4. AGM Type 

This type has a woven glass mat in between cells to help sustain charging longer. AGM battery type is considered by most solar users to be the best. Because it holds a charge longer and the battery will last longer. They are leak-proof, spill-proof, and do not emit gas. Even though this type is more expensive it is worth it. This type of battery is used in airplanes, hospitals, and remote communication centers.

Even though the lead-acid battery isn’t the highest recommended battery on this selection of batteries it is the most commonly used type of battery because of the economical factor. This type of battery will last for years if it’s maintained properly and consistently. The lead acid battery cannot be drained down to no charge or it will start to damage the cells. If the battery becomes discharged to less than 20% it needs to be recharged immediately or it will become useless much faster.

When the battery becomes fully discharged it starts to collect sulfate on its plates and will not come back to its normal capacity so you do not want to let it discharge to that extent. Use distilled water in it only and do not fill the battery up when charging the battery only fill when the battery is fully charged.

Wrap Up

In summary, being able to store your batteries inside is better. Also, having more capacity is what you should have in your home. The preferred battery of most for small to medium size applications is the Trojan L-16 lead acid battery. But if you want to get the best bang for your buck the AGM type battery is the best solution for a solar battery bank.

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