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May 20, 2019
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July 23, 2019
GEL Battery

A gel battery, typically referred to as Gel Cell, is made up of VLRA technology. VLRA means (Valve Regulated Valve Acid). A gel battery is one of the sealed acid batteries. The method used to make gel cells is in line with AGM battery manufacturing. GEL battery China manufacturers use gelled electrolyte to make gel batteries. The electrolyte helps in reducing the evaporation and spillage risk. Evaporation causes corrosion issues in a cell.

In comparison with ordinary batteries, gel batteries are quite light in weight. The gel technology uses a small quantity of solidified electrolyte, which keeps the acid immovable. Traditional batteries provide less lifespan, while gel batteries are considered as long-life. The reason for long-life is that the gel is capable of maintaining their charge for a long duration. Every front terminal battery manufacturer takes care to make the battery sustainable to withstand extreme temperature.

Common Usage of Gel Battery

Gel cells are used in motorcycles, camcorder, marine types of equipment, and cell phones. The battery is installed in high-end cars as well.

A Gel battery has low maintenance characteristic. Therefore, you do not have to add water continually to keep the level of electrolyte regular. In comparison with a typical deep-cycle car battery, gel battery contains less acid.

Cautions for Gel Battery

To charge a gel battery, there are certain limitations. You have to charge the battery at a slower rate. The reason for slow charging is to prevent excess gas from forming inside the battery.

For the prevention of overcharging, the gel battery should be charged with low voltage. Overcharging is hazardous as it can cause permanent porous. The porous has the property to lessen the battery’s lifespan.

Benefits of Gel Battery

Gel batteries:

•    Can be used when the weather is cold

•    Are lighter as compared to an ordinary battery

•    Have a low chance to spill the acid

•    Have low maintenance

Apart from a gel battery, the front terminal battery is also an option. The front terminal battery has a convenient design and gives you an opportunity for backup or standby power. Applications like emergency light, switchgear and UPS are perfect instances of front terminal battery.

Cons of a Gel Battery

Gel batteries are a bit expensive as compared to other battery types.

Charging at low voltage causes irritation.

Wrap Up:Both the Gel battery China and front terminal battery manufacturer are compulsory in today’s mechanical world. So, it is essential to know what they bring to your specific project.

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