Types of UPS Backup System Batteries
May 20, 2019
Types of UPS Battery in China

A UPS system is a crucial part of your energy and electricity infrastructure. On the other hand, the battery of the UPS system is actually the heart of it. Even though, a UPS can’t operate without its core, at times these batteries are neglected. Therefore, today I’d like to highlight the best UPS battery China.

Before we start, one crucial fact that I’d like you to know is that regardless of which type of battery you install, they all decrease in their ability to deliver and store power over time. A time will come when you’ll eventually have to replace the battery and install a new one. Having that said, here are some of the most common types of UPS batteries.

VRLA Battery

This is the most common type of battery used by UPS users today. Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries have gas inside them. Therefore, these batteries are dry. Since water can’t be added in such a battery that means heat from charging current and ambient temperature, significantly reduces the life of it. A VRLA battery manufacturer usually states that these batteries have an average life of five years. However, due to it being dry, they have a lower upfront cost. Though less maintenance is required, you have to make sure that you store this battery in a room temperature that is dry and the area is under a climate control system. 

Lead Acid Batteries (Flooded, or Wet Cell)

Flooded cell or lead-acid batteries supplier have experienced a fall in their business since dry batteries were introduced. However, people are still aware of the fact that these batteries are more reliable and can be used for around 20 years. The battery is composed of dense, lead-based plates swamped with electrolyte acid. Due to the potential chemical hazards this battery poses, you are required to place this battery in a separate room. In addition, lead-acid batteries also have a higher up-front cost. Due to the costs and risk of keeping this battery, it has decreased in popularity over the years. Other than that, you also have to make sure the water level in the battery is filled up till the minimum requirement. Only distilled water can be used which has to be bought.

Wrap Up

These were the two most common types of battery that are used by people who have a UPS system installed in their homes or workplace. Although VRLA batteries have grown in popularity, lead-acid ones are still being made. A VRLA battery manufacturer and lead-acid batteries supplier are trying their level best to come up with innovative techniques to improve the quality, life and safety of their products.

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