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The question is one of the most frequently asked one. In fact, one can write a book on the answer. But for now, we would like to put some solutions provided by every lead acid batteries supplier.

Battery Charging

The charging efficiency of lead acid battery is quite low – only 70 per cent. This type of battery requires more energy to recharge as compared to what it delivers. The surplus energy is utilized for mixing the acid and gasification internally. Recharging of lead acid has some limitations. Also, there are a few crucial points which are discussed below:

  • Partial or fast charges damages a lead acid battery.
  • Charging duration is pretty much long – 6 to 8 hours.
  • The charger is unable to collect full information on the battery. It checks the voltage only, which is not enough.

On the contrary, lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 100 per cent fast. A lithium battery saves your electricity bill. The reason for saving is that it is 96 per cent efficient and embrace both rapid and partial charging. Lithium batteries can be repeatedly recharged over a short period. The electronic system inside the battery manages the charger effectively. If you connect an unsuitable battery charger, the battery will be unable to activate and thus is fully protected.


Ordinary maintenance is among the more significant costs as it includes filling system maintenance, water top-up, and removal of oxide from the terminals and elements. Three hidden costs are also vital to be taken into consideration:

Water Demineralization

In small-sized companies, the captioned price can be inculcated in regular maintenance. However, the demineralization cost becomes a separate expense for medium to large scale companies. Demineralization is an imperative treatment for water used for topping up lead acid batteries.

Cost of Infrastructure

Lead acid batteries liberate gas while they are charging and therefore be charged in a devoted area.

Gas Disposal Cost

The gas liberated by lead acid should not remain in the charging area. It must be erased to the outside through a unique ventilation system. On the contrary, the lithium-ion battery does not need gas and water. Also, lithium batteries that eliminate entire additional costs.

Wrap Up

Therefore, above are some of the questions that buyers ask while purchasing any battery. To have the answers ready help to save valuable time which can be used to design and produce batteries by any gel battery supplier in China.

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