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November 14, 2018

Lead Acid Battery

Lead Acid Batteries Supplier

Supplying of lead acid batteries supplier have been here since 1859, and it has been proven that these are the finest batteries. The batteries we are manufacturing today are modern yet efficient as their ancestors. You’ll get the best lead acid batteries here.

These rechargeable batteries have low energy to weight ratio as it is the speciality, but still, they are able to stream high surge current. They are even used where high surge current is not required like cell phone towers, etc.

We are providing the top quality in the pocket-friendly rates. The material used in manufacturing is great quality wise. The strict quality controls we have to make it possible for us to deliver only the most eminent batteries to our customers.

Best Lead Acid Batteries Supplier in China

If you are looking for low-priced but efficient batteries, then you should trust us to fulfil your requirements as we are known to provide cheap lead-acid batteries. Cheap doesn’t mean that we have low quality; in fact, we are offering the best quality in reasonable rates which makes us better than our competitors.

We make sure that the batteries are safe and do not die fast. As the leading lead acid batteries supplier, the team of experts we have is our core strength. Every individual in the team is dedicated and responsible.

At the production unit the staff is instructed to take safety measures seriously, and as an organisation, JYC takes care of all the standards and regulations. JYC is the best choice for lead acid batteries as we have efficient, competent, and quality batteries.

Our batteries are low maintenance and require minimum effort to keep performing. They are waterproof and designed to ensure safety. This is the most reliable battery you can possibly get your hands on. Trust us as your lead acid batteries and relax for a long period.


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Product Description

l Design life 20 years
l Combine the advantage of lead Carbon technology and VRLA technology
l  Extra-long cycle life, Ideal for PSOC cycle application
l Excellent recharge acceptance and super fast charge/large discharge
l High power, repid charge/discharge
l  Innovative robust design inside and out to ensure superb safety and reliability
l Waterproof, anti-salt treatment, shockproof module installation design
l Design life at 25°C (77°F): 20+ years (2V), 20+ years (12V)
l Flame retardant ABS case (UL94 V-0, optional)
l Comply with IEC60896,IEC61427 etc. standard
l Renewable energy storage
l Smart power grids and microgrids system
l Distributed energy storage system
l Hybrid energy storage system such as solar and wind
l Home energy storage system
l Solar power generation grid/off-grid energy storage system
l Emergency lighting system
l Generator and battery hybrid energy system
l Other standby, cycling system
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